Best Dog Training Solutions 101- Jumping

WARNING: There is some slight sarcasm and light humor in these tips, so please use proper discretion as to what is serious and what is humor!

So many of you I’m sure have headed out the door on your way to work, all cleaned up for the day then realize “AH! I forgot to let Fido out to do their business on the lawn”.

While balancing your cup of coffee and your planner etc. you let them out of the crate they’ve been in all night. The first thing on their mind is to enthusiastically jump up and say “GOOD MORNING!!!”

Boom, their goes your coffee because your mind thought “Stop the dog first” but that actually made it worst, your now wearing your coffee on your former clean shirt and pants. The second scenario is you let them out of their outside kennel and instead this time they jump and now you have dirt on your clothes. Don’t feel bad this has happened to all of us! Well, some more or less. Ha ha! So for those of you who would like that little yappy dog or the Great Dane to stop jumping, actually scratch the Great Dane, if you have a dog that big and haven’t figured out how to get around keeping that horse of a dog off of you prior to work you may want to skip this. So for the rest of you not with jumping Great Dane’s here are some tips to practice NOT while running late to Sunday worship, work or the meeting with prospect clients.

  1. When they jump toward you stick out your knee and hold it, they will make contact (this is defense, not offense) and land back on their feet. Meanwhile calmly and assertively say “NO”.

  2. When they are not jumping praise them with some affection, now this is important (remind them “if you jump I will promptly defend myself like I did last time!).

  3. If these are not working go outside, (summer time only) fill your super soaker water gun of your choice pump it up, as they make their move to jump pull the trigger.

  4. Rinse and Repeat steps A through C!


Now go out there and try these techniques and let me know if they work as they are not proven yet and I could use the feedback on what really works.

 I’m covered in dirt and coffee and could really use the input on how to stop my Great Dane from jumping up on me before work!


Engraver, dog trainer, humorist (depending on what you find funny), writer, part time day work cowboy, husband and father.

“Yep, I’m a man of many parts!” –John Behan

   Quoted from the movie “Tombstone”