How to an effective dog trainer (spoiler alert: it ain't easy!)

Today it happened again, the day we take the dog back to their owner. This is where we also give the owner a summary of what we worked on and how to apply it for themselves.

It’s starting to happen again, that realization of the end of our time put in. The hours that have been dedicated to covering any and all issues both the ones exhibited but also the ones the client has requested us to focus on. Well, the client comes out and as I shake hands, I am focused on sharing the exciting news about what we were able to accomplish. As I begin to leave again I shake hands with the client and then pet the dog, I can see it in the dog’s eyes and know this is adios for now, letting go can be hard at times for me. But this shows to me the bond that was created in XYZ amount of days working on the bad habits that had been created or allowed. We are helping the dog change their habits during their time with us during Train and Board then we help the client as much as we can with detailed notes of our observations and ideas for solving the issues. This includes an hour session to answer questions and discuss ways to improve actions and scenarios. During the Train and Board in order to get the dog to change we must build a bond with them, we work on their issues, we play fetch after training building a trust with the dog as much as with the client. Today when we take back our client’s dog it hits me, a bittersweet feeling, though we had done well, we did our job, but letting go was tough. I don’t know if those who train and sell their dog’s ever feel the same if walking out with a check for $25,000 or more is more satisfying than keeping the dog they just spent a good 2, 3 maybe 4 years training and preparing for the day it was to be auctioned off. I don’t know, maybe they do feel the same as I do; I can only imagine that it’s for some maybe tough and others it’s like selling a tool. Now I’m not suggesting that I was sobbing in tears or begging to buy off the client’s dog, what I am trying to say is it is more than just training and boarding a DOG for us. We as The South Fork Outfit offer our best when it comes to not only our own but the client’s dog as well, we want as much for your dog to learn and come home trained but in the bigger picture we now have to take some time with you as the owner/handler!

Happy Trails and Good Sailing!

-Ty McNab


We are unique than most dog trainers here are some examples:


-We live out on a ranch in Post, Oregon as well as in Burns, Oregon

-We usually work as a couple both Caitlin and I

-We come from two different dog training backgrounds which adds to our value for our clients

-Training dogs, helping clients understand how to become a trainer is our passion

-We drive to you and help the dog in its environment

-In most instances suggest multiple lessons instead of going straight to train and board.

-We consider our ability to work with dogs and change their unwanted behaviors an art like our ability to paint a portrait of a horse or engrave a piece of silver!


For more information about us check us out at we offer our dog training services in the

Prineville, Bend, Redmond and Madras communities as well as the Burns and Crane communities.