Ranch Life & Epilepsy

Ranch Life and Epilepsy


Growing up things as a ranch kid were pretty normal. You know the typical learning how to drive by driving the ranch pickup to feed cows, helping carrying the tools of the trade while working ground crew at a branding. When we moved from Nevada back to California I wanted to play baseball and make friends, I then went to public school after having some time being homeschooled. At 12 years old my life changed when my doctor diagnosed me with epilepsy after also dealing with hypoglycemia the issue with low blood sugar it made for a challenge.

*I had Epilepticus Status with 50+ seizures a day (my mom stopped counting at 50).

*Was induced into a coma state which back fired and my health declined quickly.

*I was weak enough I had to use a wheelchair.

*Through many modalities I gained back my health to where I have one partial seizure per week.

*I have the best parents ever, they went through hell right along with me and saw more than I did from a different perspective.

*Today I use this as an opportunity to take the word DISABILITY and I scratch out DIS, I have learned patience and perseverance, leather work, silver engraving, dog training and want to be an inspiration for those with similar situations. 

*Ranch life is a little different, I get to ride the gentle ones, I trade my silver for my brother shoeing my horses, I take it all and learn as much as I can.

This is what life on the ranch is like with epilepsy, it is a little different but different is okay because it allows for you to become great! Everyone has a story and mine happens to have started at 9 years old and officially at 12 on a ranch in northern California. For those looking for advice who are trying to cope or have it and don’t know what to do here is my advice:

No matter what people and in my case doctors tell you, you can do it. It is on you and you alone what you do with your challenge, it is a gift not a curse so rather than wasting something that has been gifted to you take it say thank you and make your peace! It has taken me almost 18 years to make peace with it. I have said THANK YOU!

Thank you all for reading and stay strong!

-Ty McNab

Engraver, dog trainer, cowboy, writer and anything else I try and learn to be!