Steps to Prep- stock dog clinic

By Tyler and Caitlin McNab

So the key steps to making sure you have only the best of essentials, while being conservative in what you will need and well the being “fillers”.

“Fillers” I call items that you won’t likely at any point need or use.

So are you ready? We about to take that dive into the pool called a road trip voyage!

So for a stock dog clinic that is approx. 4 hours away, in the car be sure to bring the following:


*Good music – And a variety of it! But none of that Taylor Swift or R. Kelly stuff ha ha!

*Camera – you never know when that amazing “prize winner” shot presents itself.

*Swim wear? Well does the hotel have a pool or spa? Do you like swimming? If so then YES!

*Your luggage should be based on number of days you plan to spend. For us it is 2 nights and 3 days so we’ll need three sets of clothes. Unless you’re like me and drop food on accident on your clothes!

*Paper and pen, you never know when that inspirational quote or dog training schedule call for next week comes in, so be ready! Including those sporadic games of tic tac toe!

*OHHHHHHHH! That is why my beautiful wife is well… my wife, she is not just beautiful but also smart she suggests a well budgeted amount of $$$ money $$$.

*A great starting attitude, no one wants to get stuck in the car stressed, stop and smell the roses! Start early so you won’t have to miss out on the roses!

*Leave at home the “Fillers”, really do you plan on playing that swamp fiddle thing you call a guitar? (Usually me, and yes it’s a guitar!)

*Again, my wife is a genius, she reminded me, I almost forgot my dog on this list, we are going to a dog clinic and require our said dog “CON MAN”.

*Let’s see Driver’s license (for me it’s just an ID), Costco card, health insurance card, pocket knife, a pocket full of “budgeted money”.


This will certainly help with maintaining a fairly organized car and trip, while packing all the necessities for your 3 day journey!



We will be writing in our next blog what does it take to be an Oxford man! Should be some Great Gatsby innuendos!