Silver by Ty McNab

From saddle silver and bridle conchos for the working cowboy to jewelry for their better halves, Ty brings his unique style to each piece he creates. He is moved by the high deserts of Oregon, the beaches of California, and the communities in between. Ty has been privileged to be mentored by Dally Zander, Pedro Pedrini, Mike β€œTap” Vatalaro and Pat Horlacher, further enhancing his style and technique. You can view his pieces currently available for purchase here.

ty engraving.jpg

Silver for the Cowboy

Growing up in a ranch family, Ty understands what silver must endure. Whether you are looking for slotted conchos, horn caps, cantel conchos, bridle loops, or buckles, he's ready to design something for you! 


A little beach, a little desert, and just right for you! Ty combines traditional techniques with modern trends to ensure you get a beautiful, long-lasting piece. Visit our store or message us about what we can get started for you!