Stock Dogs

Ty and Caitlin are a power house couple dedicated to improving your relationship with your pack! While Ty is working hands on with the dog and their handler, Caitlin is taking detailed notes and making keen observations. Together, they have a system that works to define goals and expectations so progress can begin. Whether you are looking to start your puppy off right with obedience, have an older dog with behavior issues, or are interested in working your dog on stock, Ty and Caitlin are here to serve you! 



We believe setting a great foundation is essential! This is our basic outline to setting up a puppy for success:

  • 0-6 months: Bonding with handler, learning environment, basic obedience.

  • 6-12 months: Advance obedience, controlling play drive, becoming familiar with job-related environments.

  • 12+ months: Herding, or other job-related skills.


Let's schedule a one-on-one training session or group class dedicated to your puppy's success!

Obedience and Behavior correction 

We believe that a strong foundation in obedience reduces, if not eliminates, many behavior issues. These building blocks increase the confidence of both the dog and handler, while alleviating some of the negative behavior. These pieces create a solid foundation for companionship or future job success. 


Let's schedule a behavior consultation, the first step to creating a beautiful relationship for you and your dog!


stock Dog Essentials

Once a dog has built a relationship with their handler and has mastered basic skills, it's time for the long-awaited reward, stock! Let Ty and Caitlin help you introduce your dog to stock for the first time or correct bad habits they have gained along the way. Their stock or yours. One-on-one or as part of a clinic. Let them help you find the key missing from your success!